LIMASSOL, CYPRUS: Reflect Festival, which took place from Oct 8-10, is Cyprus’ leading tech festival connecting opportunities in the island nation to the world. The event this year was a digital experience and managed to connect more than 3.000 unique attendees from 61 different countries joining worldwide. 

The event was a first-of-its-kind virtual experience. However, it had its physical main stage broadcasted out of Antwork, the exclusive host partner. Antwork’s state-of-the-art workspaces are located at the prestigious Cedars Oasis Tower on Makarios ||| Ave. in Limassol.

“Antwork is a workplace of the future, seamlessly connecting technology with beautiful spaces. As a futuristic festival, we couldn’t be more pleased to collaborate with someone who looks ahead” highlighted Anna Ioannidou, Head of Communication of Reflect Festival.

The space was lively weeks before the big date as the tech and IT teams set up HQ at the Antwork meeting rooms and the hotdesking area. The penthouse on the 15th floor went through a total make-over to host the main stage for the broadcast and a small physical venue for a limited number of attendees, taking into consideration the COVID-19 pandemic regulations for safety and social distancing.

Antwork’s modern, unique and minimalistic decorations and premises at Limassol are situated at the center of the town. Ensuring easy and central accessibility, with touchless access to the full space facilities through the Antwork app and its own parking spots; the fully-serviced facilities made Antwork the place to be for the organizers of the big virtual event Reflect Festival 2020.

Reflect and Antwork’s partnership embraces technology to connect people and opportunities beyond physical space and encourages business opportunities in Cyprus. 

“The COVID-19 pandemic was a good pilot for what the future holds for the global workforce: A shift towards a new paradigm of a remote workforce,” Vanezis Pangratios, Board Member at KPMG stated at Reflect Festival in his talk The Future of Workforce in a Post COVID Era.

Antwork’s model has been fine-tuned for the future workforce’s growing need for agility; with its fully furnished and tech-enabled workspace solutions as the New Home of Business in Limassol. Antwork has 6 floors, including a retail space with various workspace set-ups for all business sizes including dedicated and hot desks, a mezzanine, indoor and outdoor event spaces, 3 meeting rooms and access to the Cedars Oasis luxurious penthouse on Floor 15 and overlooking at 360 view of the Limassol skyline for special events. 

The first-of-its-kind virtual conference out of Cyprus, Reflect Festival featured speakers that are leading the movements of the future across their sectors worldwide, including George Campanellas, CEO at InvestCyprus; Adam Bonnifield, VP of Artificial Intelligence at Airbus; Natasha Lytton, Head of Brand & Marketing at Seedcamp Accelerator; Niklas Jansen, Co-founder at Blinkist; Yossi Vardi, Godfather at The Startup Nation; Vanezis Pangratios, Board Member at KPMG Cyprus; Chelsea Chen, Co-founder at Emotech, and Nicos Marcou, HR Counsel Member at Forbes and HR Futurist; and Mona Ataya founder and CEO of Mumzworld. 

“We always develop linkages and partnerships with our global community that deliver impact not just to our Antwork members in our current and upcoming markets, but also to businesses and professionals in the ecosystems and cities of which we are a part of. Collaborating with Reflect Festival, we give back to the community. Sparking new business opportunities live from our platforms is at the core of what we do.” highlights Zina Dajani, ssCEO & Founder of Antwork.

For media inquiries:

Zoe Dima, Community Manager at Antwork | t. +357 25 861700

About Antwork: 

Antwork ( is an integrated Proptech platform that enables Commercial Real Estate (CRE) and workspace bringing into play our micro-leasing engine that allows access to space, services, and community seamlessly with an online marketplace leveraging IoT integrations solutions, an online web platform, a phone app, and a space-owner dashboard.

The platform goes beyond work ‘space’, empowering users (people and organizations) of the platform to exchange knowledge, consume content, and exchange professional services across 3 connected products: 

(1) workspace operator

(2) marketplace for space and services 

(3) tech platform for team and space management.

About Reflect Festival:

Reflect is a future casting festival for those who want to shape the future even from their living room. With roots in Cyprus, reaching way beyond, this event connects businesspeople, corporates, startups, academia, entrepreneurs, students, and tech & science enthusiasts through content from leading visionaries and doers of today’s most impactful businesses.

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