“Why are you interested in this position?” is another favourite question recruiters like to ask during an interview. It’s probably one you’ve encountered before, and just like “where do you see yourself in 5 years?”, has specific points that recruiters are looking for in your answer.

Remember to talk about the company

A mistake many candidates make when approaching this question is focusing on what the position can do for them professionally. Understandably, this is a logical way to answer a question that is seemingly asking about you, but that’s not what the recruiter is interested in hearing. Sure, it’s great that this role will give you the ability to draw on your experience in the field, and learn new skills, but how does this benefit the company? Instead, approach the question by explaining how you will use the benefits that come with the role to help the company, whether that is by improving their bottom line, brand awareness, or market penetration.

Don’t bring up irrelevant points

why do you want this position - stay focused

In the heat of the moment, under the pressure of interview conditions, it is understandable that you may veer a little off topic with your answer, but you should try and limit yourself in this regard. Although, at the time, it may seem a good idea to mention how close to home the office is located, or how the flexible working hours and ability to work from home are right down your alley, these points are irrelevant to the recruiter interviewing you. Praising all the benefits you will receive from this role isn’t what they are looking for. Instead gear your answer more towards how you are a good fit for the company, and what you will be able to bring to the table that makes you stand out from other candidates.

Remember to answer the question

Whether or not the reason you are looking for a new role is because of your disillusionment with your current company and position, or what attracts you to this company is that it is the polar opposite to the last one you worked for and despised, these are not things to bring up in your answer. Negative comments about a past employer are immediate red flags to recruiters and could wind up costing you the job. With regards to past employment, it is safe to highlight how you gained the skills and experience that will benefit the company in this role, but avoid going on an off-topic tirade about a previous employer, it won’t do you any favours.

“Why are you interested in this position?” may seem like a frightening question at first, but there is no need to worry about it. As long as you follow the guidelines above, and come to the interview well prepared, you should be able to nail this, and any other question thrown your way.

Remember that an interview is not only for the company to find out if you are a suitable candidate for them, but also a chance to see if they are a right fit for you too. To this extent, you should also be asking questions of your interviewer. Stuck on ideas for questions? Here are 5 questions you should ask and 5 questions you really shouldn’t.

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