As another year comes to a close the jobseekers among us, regardless of how long they have been looking, turn their attention to the New Year hoping for more success in their job search once 2016 comes around. Rather than simply hoping however, if your current approach hasn’t brought you the desired results, how about changing it up a little? Here are 5 ways to refresh your job search for the New Year.

Harness the power of social media

Odds are you already use social media daily for personal pursuits, but are you taking advantage of the networking opportunities the services provide for your job search? By building your personal brand through your social media profiles you stand a greater chance of being discovered by recruiters, or being called in for interviews once a hiring manager has researched you.

The connections you have through social networking could also be of use in your search for a new role, whether by keeping an eye out for positions you’d be suited for, or putting in a recommendation for you at their company, where that new spot just opened up. Finally, most companies nowadays have their own presence online, and following their accounts can provide you with insights into company culture, which will help your applications, as well as keeping you up-to-date with their latest vacancies.

Add a little flair to your CV

5 ways to refresh your cv for 2016 - add flair to your cv

Recruiters sift through 100s if not 1000s of CVs for each open vacancy, and as research shows, spend an average of only 6 seconds on each. This being the case, your CV really needs to stand out from other applicants to be in with a chance of an interview.

By being a little creative with your CV, changing up the design, layout, and highlighting the most important aspects content wise, you can grab recruiters’ attentions, ensuring that your application is distinctive, and more likely to receive a thorough read. This could subsequently lead to you landing that all important interview.

Allow yourself to take a rest

The job search process can not only be stressful, but also tiring, and draining. Think about it, if you had a full time job, you’d still have a couple of days off per week right? So give yourself that same time to rest during your job search. Doing so will provide an opportunity to relax, be refreshed, and pick up the job search with renewed vigour when you reapply yourself.

Networking isn’t only about social media

5 ways to refresh your cv for 2016 - networking isn't only about social media

I mentioned taking advantage of connections you have made through social media. Remember however that networking isn’t limited to the internet. As a jobseeker, something you should have plenty of is time, and although it may seem counterproductive to do anything other than search for, and apply to jobs, sometimes a change of pace can be beneficial.

There are numerous seminars, meetings, lectures, and other events that take place all around you. These are great opportunities for you to network. Do some research, find out what events related to your field are happening near you, and make an appearance. You never know who you might meet, and what opportunities those new connections could place in your lap.

Do some freelance or volunteer work

The benefits of both freelance and volunteer work are twofold. Both of these undertakings are successful in adding experience to your CV. If you believe that this may be an area in which you are lacking, and subsequently, a reason why your job search hasn’t been providing the desired results, then it is a great opportunity to rectify the issue.

Also, as with networking, both freelancing and volunteering provide the opportunity to meet and connect with new people that you may have never had the chance to otherwise. Doing so may provide you with that all important contact you need to make headway in your pursuit of full time employment.

A New Year, a new approach. If what you have been doing in regards to your job search hasn’t been making the impact you hoped for, it’s time to switch it up, as this might just provide the opportunities you need to land your new job.

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