Having a steady and secure job in today’s competitive market, and fluctuating economy, is an achievement in and of itself. Fear and uncertainty of the unknown, and the possibility of being unemployed, can stop many an employee from looking into whether their role is actually right for them. However, staying in a position that no longer fulfills you, and perhaps is detrimental to your career development, simply because you are comfortable, isn’t the way to go. Here are 3 signs that can help you decide whether or not you should consider a change.

You feel able, and are willing to take risks – STAY

When you are in a job where, not only are you willing, but feel able to take risks, due to the support of both your colleagues, and management, you can safely say you are in a good place. A role that provides you with the ability, and confidence to take risks that may lead to great benefits for your company, but also have the potential to fail, shows a trust on your management’s part in both your abilities, and quality of work. When you find yourself in such a situation it is a positive indicator that your role is a good fit.

Your work is monotonous and lacks challenge – GO

Alternatively, if you find yourself in a job conducting the same, monotonous work, day-in and day-out, where the project(s) you are undertaking lack any form of professional challenge, you may wish to consider other options. If your work makes you feel like a robot, constantly following the same routine every day, without the potential for any sort of career development, or the opportunity to take on new and exciting projects, this is a sign that your abilities may not be valued. If you don’t want your professional trajectory to stagnate, you may want to start looking for a new role.

career advice, should i stay or should i go

Team projects are a regular occurrence, and you enjoy them – STAY

A healthy workplace is one that is focused on teamwork. Collaborating with your colleagues on projects is a great way to pick up new skills and experience, an opportunity to broaden your professional horizons, and a chance to bounce your ideas off individuals who may provide a unique approach. If you find yourself at a company that encourages teamwork, and in an environment surrounded by colleagues that you thoroughly enjoy working with, rest assured you are in a good place.

Your workload is thinning, whilst your colleagues’ are mounting – GO

On the other hand, if you find that your responsibilities, and overall workload, are slowly diminishing, with tasks and projects that were clearly supposed to be yours being given to your colleagues, alarm bells should start ringing. This behaviour is indicative of management’s lack of trust and belief in your abilities, or worse yet, the possibility that your colleagues are undermining you. If you find yourself in such a toxic environment you should look to get out ASAP.

Your boss encourages and appreciates you – STAY

A good indication of where you stand within the company you work for is how your boss treats you. Sure, in large corporations you might never interact with the big bosses, but no matter the position you are in, you will have superiors that manage you, and if they encourage you to try out new ideas, take initiative, and generally show an appreciation for the work you do, things are looking good. How happy you are in your job is paramount to deciding whether you stay or go, and any employee that feels appreciated at work is likely a happy one.

Your boss ignores, avoids, or undervalues you – GO

If you find yourself in a situation where your immediate superior, who you probably should be interfacing with on a regular to semi-regular basis, avoids or ignores you, this is a big red flag. Worse yet, if no matter how hard you work, whether that be extra hours, or taking on new projects and responsibilities, your boss seems to undervalue you, get out – now. Staying in a role where your hard work is constantly unappreciated is detrimental not only to your career progression, but also your mental health, and overall happiness, because let’s face it, everyone likes and deserves a pat on the back every now and then.

When you feel comfortable and secure in your job it becomes easy to ignore, or overlook the fact, that you may not actually be happy at work. Fear of the unknown, and the desire to cling to familiarity, is enough to hold anybody back, but know this; already having a job puts you in a position of power when conducting a job search. So, if you feel like you need to go, don’t be afraid, staying in a role you hate is what should scare you.

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