As our webpage strives to produce informational content, we decided to interview a foreign national that has been working in Cyprus long enough to know the situation regarding jobs in Cyprus. As part of our mission to provide helpful information for our readers, met with “J” to ask a series of interesting questions.

“J” (who prefers to remain anonymous), a Polish national, has now been working in Cyprus for 10 years. His work experience includes mostly hospitality businesses and Forex companies. He is a straight forward, honest, hardworking individual, with an exceptional personality. Without further delay, let’s jump into the interview.
When did you come to Cyprus and how long did it take you to find a job?
“I came to Cyprus back in 2006. A week after I came, I had a job!”

How does the workplace culture in Cyprus differ to that in Poland?
“Well, franchised companies in Cyprus are more organized than family businesses. In Poland all family businesses actions are done by the law. They also take HR seriously enough. That means that the treatment of the employees working in family businesses in Poland is more humanistic. Yet, the payment is a lot less than in Cyprus. For example, a chef in Cyprus will get a salary of 1400 euros, while in Poland the same chef will receive just 300.”

What was the biggest obstacle in landing a job in Cyprus?
“There were no obstacles back in 2006. Now, the available jobs in Cyprus are getting fewer and fewer. On top of that, employers are seeking to recruit native speaking employees. Well, maybe except forex companies. So I think there are opportunities in this sector.”

Have you ever used a recruitment office in Cyprus? How helpful was it?
“Yes I have and no it wasn’t helpful.”

Do you use our website? How often?
“I use your website every day when I’m out of work! (Laughter)”

So I guess you find our website useful, isn’t that right?
“Of course it is! I found a job twice using One in the Forex sector and one in the hospitality sector.”

Do you think young people get a chance to work in senior positions in Cyprus?
“It’s rare. There is a problem of mentality in Cyprus. Companies would prefer hiring experienced people instead of young people with great ideas.”

Do you find salaries in Cyprus fair? (Compared with the living expenses)
“For 800 euros and an apartment, the median salary is not enough. But if you can get a bit higher than this, then you will have no problem. In general salaries are fair in relationship with the work you do, but maybe they are not fair according the working hours.”

What is the economic image of Cyprus in your country?
“Polish think Cyprus is a tax heaven, but it’s not anymore. Lots of Polish companies used to move to Cyprus but this stopped some years ago due to the crisis. People in my country know that Cyprus is having a hard time but they are sure that Cyprus can get out of it.”

Did you come across any racist behavior in your workplaces?
“I would be lying if I said I didn’t. I did come across racist behavior, but that’s in family businesses. Not in big companies. But things are changing now. There has been a great progress in this sector.”

Do you think a foreigner can grow a career in Cyprus?
“Yes, they can. Mostly in franchised companies. As long as they have passion, know the native language and show work ethic.”

Will a foreigner meet any communication barriers (English language level of locals?)
“Well, I personally believe that a person should learn the language as a sign of respect towards the country. But overall I don’t think a foreigner will meet any great communication problem as most natives speak English very well.”

Any final thoughts?
“I would advise any foreigner considering to come to the island and try to land one of the available jobs in Cyprus, to study about Cypriot culture. Not from the tourists manuals though! It is good to know what may offend the natives or be prepared for what may offend you.”

We had an excellent discussion with “J” and we thank him for giving us a foreign national’s point of view in order to provide useful content to our readers.
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