About Cyprus

It’s not only the people, who are some of the most hospitable people. It’s not only the warm weather which even in winter you’ll find the weather is warm compared to most parts of Europe. It’s the history and the culture. Cyprus has a unique history and rich cultural heritage full of traditions which its residents are very proud of. With sunny weather and sandy beaches, Cyprus is situated at the north-eastern end of the Mediterranean basin. 

But despite being a perfect destination for holidays, why relocate a business to Cyprus?

Cyprus’s geostrategic location offers an exceptional market access to 500 million EU consumers and at the same time close proximity to the MENA countries. Moreover, Cyprus has a fast-track mechanism for licensing and immigration for non-EU nationals. We could never leave behind the access to a tech-savvy EU talent pool and a well-educated, highly-skilled, multilingual workforce. 

 What’s More?

Cyprus has an attractive EU-approved corporate tax environment with a favorable IP regime as low as 2.5% combined with a low cost of doing business for high-quality professional services. We also need to mention the enviable lifestyle in a safe, clean and healthy environment with high living standards. 

Finally, the island hosts a Pro-business attitude, strong regulatory framework and legal system aligned to the UK common law. Special income tax incentives for expatriate executives and new tax residents of Cyprus are also adopted by the government. Including a standard VAT rate of 19%. 

What’s needed for business relocation? 


A core of a business is its people. Having more than 200,000 unique visitors per month, 15,000 registered companies trusting us with their listings and a decade of experience in job openings promotion, Ergodotisi is a recruitment specialist, attracting the most qualified and suitable candidates for your business needs.


Customers are the lifeline of a business’s financial health, especially when relocating or expanding to new countries. Ergodotisi, with a clientele including more than 15,000 companies all around the island, has the tools and knowledge to provide the most efficient marketing and advertising services in order to create awareness for your business/brand. 

Offices and further promotional services

Ergodotisi is a member of a well-known established digital group in Cyprus. Therefore, along with our sister brands and external partners, we are able to provide a combination of promotional, advertising, branding and many more services in order to provide the best experience while relocating to Cyprus.

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