Ergodotisi has recently launched the “HR Sessions series, where the greatest employers in Cyprus talk about their collaboration with Ergodotisi, as well as their future goals. We decided to start with Amdocs, a leading software and services provider.

About our collaboration

“Our collaboration with Ergodotisi began way back, in early 2013. We were both exhibiting at a career fair organized by the Labour Office – and our booths were next to each other. A quick exchange of business cards and the rest, as they say, is history.”

Why Amdocs trusts Ergodotisi

“The main reasons we trust Ergodotisi is because it is a well-known brand on the island. It has a good reputation and is easily recognizable to job seekers in Cyprus. But most importantly, we trust Ergodotisi because of the people behind the brand. They are enthusiastic, innovative, have a lot of know-how, experience and are passionate about what they do. These are traits that we also highly value in our people at Amdocs.”

Ergodotisi’s contribution to the company’s success

“Ergodotisi’s contribution to the success of Amdocs was… significant. In the last couple of years our presence in Cyprus has almost doubled. Not all of our new hires came through Ergodotisi, but a significant number did. Ergodotisi has also helped increase our brand awareness in Cyprus.

What distinguishes Ergodotisi among other companies

“Aside from the fact that they are the biggest and most proactive job board on the island – their customer service and willingness to improve their service offering by taking onboard client feedback, gives them an edge on their competition.”

Future goals of Amdocs

“Our company’s future goals in Cyprus are… For the Amdocs Cyprus Development Centre to further grow and for us to continue the journey we started a couple of years ago to become an incubation hub for new technologies within Amdocs globally.”

Posted by Antonis Papadopoulos

Head of Ergodotisi,

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