In this video filmed at Zentrepreneur,� Sunil Bagai, CEO of Zenith Talent and Recruiting Innovator, reveals the art of hiring top talent, as well as 5 tips for recruiting.

People are the most important ingredient in any organization. So much so that they can dictate the success of your business… or precipitate the failure.

Below are Sunil’s 5 tips for hiring top talent:

1. Skills are transferable

Hire for soft skills.� Functional skills will come with training.

Soft skills lead to 80% of the impact that an employee will have on your business.

Think — communication, people, attitude, leadership skills.

2. Hire for the core functions

Hire for positions in the core of your business. This is the strength of your organization and should be your main focus.

Outsource or freelance any ancillary positions that are not in your immediate scope of expertise.

3. Avoid interview bias

Avoid getting mixed reviews from your many interviewers. This happens when interview questions are not streamlined — and each interviewer is trying to connect on a personal level.

Instead, have a general group of questions that everyone asks and think of what types of answers you are looking for.

4. Pay attention to microculture

Company and team cultures can vary greatly. When interviewing for a specific team, ensure that the person is a match for the team’s culture… and not only the company’s.

5. Less is more

Don’t go overboard with hiring.

If you can get away with hiring fewer people — but who will have a greater impact on your success — then you can avoid unnecessary noise from too many people bringing in mediocre results.

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