is the leading job-seeking platform in Cyprus, with more than 15.000 registered companies and over 2 million page views per month. We are able to help you be visible within the world of great talents.

Our Audience: 

  • Unique users/month: 180.000+
  • Registered users: 85.000+
  • Facebook Followers: 120.000+
  • Instagram Followers: 5.000+

Banner Ads

Ergodotisi offers both persuasive advertising solutions which refer to the type of advertising that aims to create liking, preference, conviction and finally make an employer look appealing to candidates, and Reinforcement advertising, aiming to convince the already aware candidates that they made the right choice.

Through our Banner Ads, Employers have the opportunity to advertise open positions, career days, or other events having always as an objective to re-enforce their brand awareness.

Banners and Sizes:

  • Leaderboard
    • Desktop 728×90
    • Mobile 320×50
  • Square
    • Desktop & Mobile 300×250
  • Catfish
    • Desktop 400×200
    • Mobile 200×100

The cost and relative discount depend on impressions volume. 

Category Sponsorship (-25%)

Apart from the creation of brand awareness, Category sponsors are able to point their logo and a banner at the top of each category in which they are introduced to the candidates as Category Sponsors. 


  • Industry Brand Recognition by relevant job-seeking candidates
  • Key Brand Promotional benefits
  • Impression of a leading Brand/Employer to the Sector/Industry

This service is available for both 15 or 30 Days.

  • 15 Days €250 – €187,50
  • 30 Days €400 – €300

Native Article (-25%)

Built by marketing team, native articles are developed as sponsored content which is published on our blog and shared on our official Facebook page. The aim of this article is to promote a company or a service to our website. This type of article can also be utilized towards the provision of insights of a business or employer to the users in order to remove the impression of an alienated employer.

The article can also be used to build credibility and trust between candidates and employers, satisfying the long-term recruiting goals of the company. 

Native articles are boosted at a targeted audience to which the company is interested to be promoted.


Unlike traditional display advertising, native ads have the potential of a long life, as the content is still hosted on our blog and our clients may continue seeing results, even after the native ad campaign is completed.

*Please note that the Native Article must be relevant to our user base/brand.

Cost: €350 – €262,50

Posted by Stelios Christou

Marketing Manager