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Meet Nina Mufleh. Nina really wanted to work for Airbnb, a company that allows people to list, find, and book accommodations, easily, through their website or their app for mobile devices. To accomplish this she moved from the Middle East to San Francisco, the home of Airbnb, but soon found that she was up against thousands of likeminded individuals, and getting her dream job through conventional means would be tough. So what could she do?

Nina created an innovative Online CV, fashioned after an Airbnb profile. This was no ordinary CV however, with little information about herself other than her picture, contact details, and a small piece about her desire to work for the company. So what information did Nina put on this CV you ask? She analysed Airbnb’s business model and suggested a well-researched plan as to how they could expand their business into the Middle East.


Nina’s Online CV had very little information about herself and past experience

With her in depth knowledge of both Airbnb’s business model, including statistics and details about the company’s current successes and partnerships, combined with her knowledge of Middle Eastern culture, and well researched statistics, Nina but forth a highly detailed expansion plan that Airbnb couldn’t help but take notice of.


A well-researched expansion plan showed Nina meant business

Nina used her contacts to help circulate her campaign, which soon became viral through the magic that is social media, grabbing the attentions of both the CMO and the CEO of Airbnb, who were floored by her campaign and eager to arrange a meeting. Although Airbnb ultimately decided that they weren’t a right fit, don’t fret, Nina’s effort has been met with interest from across the tech world, receiving contact from the likes of LinkedIn, Upwork, and Uber, as well as numerous recruiters. It wasn’t only employers that were clogging up her inbox however, people who empathized with her story, jobseekers who had also struggled in search of their dream job, contacted Nina with tales of how she had inspired them.


Nina’s campaign resulted in over 455k views of her website and over 14k LinkedIn profile views

Nina’s success story is one that all jobseekers should be aware of, and take inspiration from. In fact, Nina herself has provided a white paper, dissecting and analyzing her campaign and the reasons for its success, so that anyone can use it as a guidline.

What Can You Learn

You may be wondering how Nina’s story applies to you? Well here is a quick breakdown of what lessons you can learn, and apply to your own job search, from her story.

  1. Find a company you are passionate about
    • Nina had been an avid user and supporter of Airbnb’s services, and had a passion for the travel and world culture. Her passion helped fuel her creativity and gave her the drive to put together this campaign. Find a company, or one that provides services, that you are equally passionate about, let that passion drive you to success.
  2. Let the company know what you can do for them
    • The impetus behind Nina’s campaign was to show Airbnb what a great understanding she had of their business, and provide them with an idea to increase the size, scope, and income of said business. She researched and provided a focused and comprehensive plan, which both demonstrated her dedication to the company, and what she could do. Rather than tell a company what you have done or learned, demonstrate how you can help make their business grow, and what benefits you can bring to the table.
  3. Draw on what you know to make an impact
    • Nina’s past experience in the Middle East, and knowledge of the location and its culture provided the foundation for her campaign, and helped her design a well-researched proposal, covering a wide area of information. Using your previous experience and knowledge as the pillar of your proposal will give it credibility, and show you can apply the skills you learn effectively.
  4. Think outside of the box
    • Having had limited success getting responses from the companies she wanted to work for via the usual avenues, Nina formulated this unorthodox application as a way to get noticed, and show what she had to offer. We’ve all been there, sending off 100s of applications, getting nowhere, the feeling that we are simply banging our head against a brick wall. Sometimes it is worth it to take a step back, if the normal avenues aren’t leading to success, trying something out of the ordinary may be your ticket to that dream job.

Nina’s success story is proof that perseverance and ingenuity can get you the attention you need from the people you want it from. If your current trajectory isn’t getting you the responses you need, take a step back, and try a different approach, you might find it extremely beneficial.


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