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All companies, whether they are large or small, go through recruitment periods where they must hire staff to fill job vacancies. While most opt for hiring permanent staff, companies also have the option of temporary recruitment. Temporary recruitment provides an alternative solution for staffing, and it is especially helpful when it is an urgent vacancy. Temporary staff can be either hired directly by the employer or through a recruitment agency.

GRS Recruitment specializes in finding temporary staff with the right skills. However, GRS has found that some businesses are still hesitant when it comes to hiring temporary staff. So, they have decided to sit down and explain why you should consider hiring temporary employees:

  • Quickly Fill Vacancies: Sometimes, there are unexpected vacancies within an organisation (for example, due to an employee’s illness or maternity leave). Hiring temporary staff allows operations to continue without having to invest many resources into hiring a replacement employee.
  • Try Before You Buy: Hiring temporary workers gives you the time to evaluate if a candidate is qualified for the position without having to invest in the cost and time of finding a permanent candidate.
  • Cost Savings: By hiring temporary staff you can cut down on company costs. Such as training, company benefits, workers compensation, and health insurance.
  • Timesaving: Working with a recruitment agency means you can save time as GRS offers you a 360 degree turnkey solution providing candidate screening, interviews, and offer and acceptance. Allocating the hiring of new staff to an employment agency gives you the flexibility to allocate your resources on your core business.

At GRS Recruitment, they have been providing temporary workers for over 14 years, and they were the first company to be licensed by the Ministry of Labor to provide temporary recruitment services in Cyprus. Whether you require a small or a large team of temporary employees, GRS will find the ideal candidate to fulfill your needs. All temporary employees are under a GRS contract, so they are responsible for all employer duties such as employee registration, payroll, and contributions. If you need a transient workforce, don’t hesitate to speak with one of their recruitment specialists.

Now that we explained the benefits of temporary staff, you might still be wondering which times temporary staff can be helpful.  Read further to learn which times temporary staff can be useful for your business.

When Should I Hire Temporary Workers?

  • Seasonal Peaks of Work: Some companies only work seasonally, so it doesn’t make sense to hire a large team of permanent staff. Instead, a group of temporary workers can help with the heavier workload during peak times while only having a smaller team of key personnel during the slower seasons.
  • Specialized Skillset: Sometimes, you need a specialized skill set for a short-term project. Hiring a temporary employee can fill the requirements of the position in both skills and time frame.
  • Vacancy Cover: substitute staff can perform the duties required by a position while the position is still vacant, or the company is waiting for a new employee to start.
  • Unanticipated Replacement: Sometimes, a position becomes available unexpectedly due to sick leave, maternity leave, vacation, or compassionate leave. For these last-minute occasions hiring temporary staff is a much quicker and cost-effective process.

At GRS Recruitment, they specialize in finding temporary staff for all industries. They have already used their knowledge, and expertise to help industry giants such as H&M, APR Energy, Nirosoft & Koor Metals, and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development fill in employment vacancies with temporary staff. They will happily use their experience to help you find your next “star” employee.

In addition to sourcing personnel, GRS offers a full range of services concerning temporary worker recruitment. Their services include checking references, reviewing immigration status, contracts, payroll, and many more. Working with their expert recruitment team will allow you to focus on your business while they execute any recruitment, administration, and payroll requirements in a professional and timely manner.

Speak with GRS today to learn more about our recruitment services. Call us at +357 25342720 or send us an email at [email protected]

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