It is a long, mysterious, unpredictable and busy road. But following the start-up culture can end up with you rich –or at least- feeling fulfilled. And that is because you stop being inactive.

The thing is, most jobseekers lose their thirst for being productive and settle in. In most of the cases they do not have the money required to invest in a project of their own, so, one of the standard jobs in Cyprus with their standard salary, suddenly seems like a good idea.

Yet there is a great amount of people out there who have really, and I mean really good ideas. Especially the young graduates. What happens to them is that due to their lack of experience, they don’t get offered a job that meets their knowledge. They start seeking something below their expectations at first, and a few years later they will settle for almost anything that pays their bills. And their great ideas go down the drain.

Isn’t that a shame? It is, if you think that there are numerous ways to get funded and start your own business instead of trying to land one of the jobs in Cyprus. Here are some of them:

The 3Fs

Friends, Family and Fools. This is the first thing you learn at Business School. Try gathering as much funding as possible from those 3 categories, and then see what you can do with them. Then try cutting the costs as much as possible by innovating.

Business Angels

You can always seek investors. As far as Cyprus is concerned, CyBAN is the Angel Investment Network you want. And the only one. Each year they review up to 100 businesses and 20 lucky ones get to pitch to CyBAN’s members.


IdeaCy is what you are looking for if you are interested in an integrated acceleration incubation programme to support the development of your innovative start-up. Founded by the Bank of Cyprus and CIIM (Cyprus International Institute of Management), Idea Cy aims to support and develop entrepreneurs.


Raise the necessary funds from people all around the world. Kickstarter is one of the top sites backing crowdfunding, counting 10 million people who backed a Kickstarter project. How this works? Every person that gives you their money, forms a contract with you. As soon as the creator completes its project, some obligations must be fulfilled. For more info click here.

I’m sure that by now, landing one of the jobs in Cyprus is not your top priority. You are probably thinking about that good idea you once had but couldn’t fund it. It’s never too late to chase your dream. Go for it!
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Posted by Antonis Papadopoulos

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