Your job is terrible and you’ve had enough. This can’t go on anymore. You’ve done the research and you’ve found all the available jobs in Cyprus in your field. But how do you land one of them? This article is for you. So take a seat and read carefully, because competition for the best jobs in Cyprus is always intense.

Update your resume

There is no reason to communicate your accomplishments in the traditional way when there are new technologies to play with. Why not build a personal website documenting your qualifications, history and interests in the form of pictures, graphs and stories? It’s more interesting, it’s more accessible and it will certainly make you stand out.

Make contacts

There is no doubt that if you want to find all the available jobs in Cyprus, at any given time, is the page to visit daily. Apart from that, I need to remind you that Cyprus is a really small country and who you know plays an important role in some of the cases. A referral can prove to be much more powerful than the greatest CV ever made. Use LinkedIn to spot the right people (or the employee’s personal blog), amaze them and get a ticket-to-interview. Think about it. A person working in the company knows exactly what the position requires, and by referring you it means that you hold all the skills. Besides, it is a sign of respect towards that employee to get you invited for an interview. Any HR Manager will confirm that.

Dress Appropriately

Too trendy, too outdated, too provocative, too safe. The truth is, the best dress code is the one that gets unnoticed. Of course you can always conduct research on social media in order to see what the dress code of the company is, and dress like you already work there.

Watch your Body Language

Don’t get too comfortable, don’t get too stressed. Keep eye contact and make some compliments that a) are truthful and b) don’t end with a thank you. For example, compliment the beautiful tie that the Hiring Manager is wearing but don’t keep it there. Ask where you can find a similar one for a friend that is having a birthday party in a few days. Keep the conversation going. Hiring Managers tend to remember people that compliment them, as taller, thinner and smarter.

Ignore Some of the Tips You Already Know

  1. If you get asked about your previous salaries, you don’t have to answer.
    • You can always ask for an offer and negotiate on that basis.
  2. Don’t waste your interview time explaining why you really want the job.
    • Use insightful questions instead, try to get a picture of the position and see what isn’t working.
  3. Don’t write a book and name it a cover letter.
    • Cover letters should be half a page, maximum three quarters. Don’t reference what is already in your resume. Instead, try to have a ‘wow’ factor in the first two or three lines.
Following these tips, combined with being yourself, and knowing your worth, will definitely place you ahead of the competition for the available jobs in Cyprus.
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Posted by Antonis Papadopoulos

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