was founded in 2011, to fight unemployment by publishing all the available jobs in Cyprus. Since then, it has become the number 1 portal as far as jobs in Cyprus are concerned.

Last year’s review indicated that more than 7,000 companies chose to publish approximately 7,000 vacancies through More specifically, 6,810 available jobs in Cyprus were published in 2015, and things look even better for 2016. As of March 2016, has published nearly 2,000 available jobs in Cyprus, while the demand for new hires is rising.

Jobs in Cyprus with the highest demand

The jobs in Cyprus with the highest demand for employees for 2015, were those in restaurants and cafeterias. More specifically, 1050 positions in this sector were filled. IT was the sector with the most demand, after Hotels Restaurants Cafeterias (HORECA). 822 jobs in Cyprus were available in 2015, while in just 4 months in 2016, the number of people employed in this sector is 217. Third in the scale of demand were the people holding a Bachelor in Business Administration. 735 of candidates holding that degree landed one of the available jobs in Cyprus. Marketing and Accounting rounds out the list of the Top 5 most highly employable sectors.

Special Skills

In the HORECA sector, speaking fluent Greek and English, as well as having a nice personality (which is subjective I guess!) were the top criteria for employment.
In the IT sector, knowledge of HTML, CSS and JS were the top 3 most wanted skills.
In the Business Administration sector, marketing management, financial skills and an MBA were the top 3 most important features of the candidate.
An ACCA and LCCI Higher for Accounting and Digital Marketing, as well as SEO, and knowledge of Photoshop were the top skills wanted by employers in the Accounting and Marketing Sectors.
Hunting for jobs in Cyprus?

Even if you do not belong in those 5 sectors, there is no reason to feel that you cannot land one of the available jobs in Cyprus. 2,018 available positions were published in the ‘Random’ sector, which doesn’t belong in a certain specialized field. 217 of those positions were published so far in 2016. Remember, you can always submit your CV via the Seek4U service and become visible to 7,000 employers, which will certainly improve your chances of acquiring one of the jobs in Cyprus!

The Cypriot economy has had its ups and downs over the last few years. Well, it looks like things are picking up again, and hopefully more jobs in Cyprus will be available for individuals who either live or want to work in Cyprus.

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