It is no secret that jobs in Cyprus are not something that someone can find in abundance, especially when someone is at the beginning of their career. The economic crisis affected the Cyprus market and subsequently the amount of jobs in Cyprus. However, the opportunity to work abroad isn’t something that a professional in the 21st century should ignore.

There are, of course, some challenges in working abroad that you wouldn’t face in jobs in Cyprus. Not knowing what you are going to face, not knowing if you will be able to keep up with a new culture, the absence of your family and friends, I know. There is a lot at stake.

However, there are advantages that cannot be found in jobs in Cyprus, and can transform you into a better, and more valuable professional. If you wish to succeed in doing so, you need to step out of your comfort zone. By now I am sure that you are wondering ‘what’s in it for me?’

Experiences broaden your horizons
Getting to know new cultures, new customs, and new perspectives can be very inspiring. Helping you not only professionally, but personally. It can make you a better professional. You raise your team working skills to the next level, as you learn how to be cooperative with people coming from very different cultures and backgrounds. With global recruiting being a worldwide trend, jobs in Cyprus will demand such professionals in the next decade. Or sooner. Probably sooner.

Learning a foreign language
Multilinguals are more easily recruited in the globalized era. The more languages you know, the more jobs in Cyprus –or globally- you can find. Yes, English can help you work not only in the UK or USA, but anywhere multinational firms can be found. But speaking English is not enough. Actually, it is expected. What will make you more recruitable is an additional foreign language. Spanish is being spoken in a great variety of countries, French is being spoken in Africa too (which is considered a growing market) and Italian, well, it can get you to Rome!

More money, maybe?
Let’s face it. Jobs in Cyprus don’t pay that much. Neither in Greece. Neither in the entire periphery of Europe. But working in Germany, France, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Austria, Switzerland, and Luxembourg can be very profitable. Also, imagine the work experience on your CV. There wouldn’t be any job in Cyprus that you wouldn’t be able to land as you repatriate!

Jobs in Cyprus are most of the times low paying, unsecure and hard to find. Especially if you are in the beginning of your career. So, if you are young, ambitious and filled with energy, then there is no reason you shouldn’t consider working abroad. After all, our economy needs more managers with work experience in developed countries and broader horizons!

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Posted by Antonis Papadopoulos

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