Cyprus can be described as a country kind of ‘isolated from the rest of the modern world’, but there is a certain fact that nobody can deny. Cyprus has the talent to rapidly implement the latest trends. This is not a procedure happening smoothly, but rather extremely fast. This is the reason some jobs in Cyprus are still alive and this is the reason they won’t be in a few years.
Here are 5 of those jobs in Cyprus which will significantly reduce their demand for working hands in the future:
Print shop Clerk

This person’s job is to check random magazine samples and spot any possible mistakes in the printing process. Whilst it might have been a very important role to have in the 20th century, in the 21st every newspaper and magazine that respects itself is going digital. It is only logical to think that not many jobs in Cyprus will demand Print shop Clerks.


Yes, Cyprus is an island and yes, many jobs in Cyprus where involved in fishery since ever. Not anymore. Fishing has become more of a hobby instead of an actual job and that is due to the reduce of fish stock, the improvement of fishing tools and all combined with the harsh competition coming from approved fish farms. As a result, not many jobs in Cyprus will employ fishermen.

Machine Operator for metalware and plastic

No human control will be needed in the future. Technology is taking over this procedure. That implies that there will not be any available jobs in Cyprus demanding those particular skills.


Automated sorting systems, specific mailboxes, tight budgets and greater use of electronic and telecommunication services. All those suggest a big fall in the amount of persons that will be needed to fill jobs in Cyprus concerning mailmen.

Reporters – Correspondents

There is a global redistribution of the audience from print media, TV and radio to the internet. As a matter of fact, more than 50% of young people don’t even bother turning on their televisions and radios. They won’t even bother to think about reading a traditional newspaper. They prefer YouTube and Google. The whole world is becoming digitized, reducing the advertisement profits as well as the need for more Reporters and Correspondents. Not a great amount of jobs in Cyprus will demand such professions.
If you really want to get one of the futureproof jobs in Cyprus, I would suggest to jump into the sectors of Big Data Science, Management Analysis, Financial Analysis, Logistics and of course IT.  More analysis will follow in our next article.

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