The first thing someone should consider before taking the decision to work in a foreign country (in this case looking for jobs in Cyprus), is the ability of its citizens to communicate in English. As far as Cyprus is concerned, most Cypriot citizens face no difficulty communicating in English. That makes the beautiful island of Cyprus a perfect destination to work abroad.


EU citizens

As an EU citizen, you can enter and search for jobs in Cyprus using your ID and then obtain a work permit within 4 months of arrival, which is usually accompanied by a residence permit. As the residence permit is not mandatory, you can look for jobs in Cyprus and offer your services without having one. Such forms can be obtained at the Civil Registry and Migration Department or the Immigration Branch of the Police.

The best way to apply for jobs in Cyprus, is by using the country’s number one job platform,, which offers a great variety of jobs in Cyprus, for any skill level, in any field. Most of the vacancies for jobs in Cyprus are posted in English, in a clear form, and the application process includes a direct connection to the companies’ HR departments. As Cyprus relies heavily on International companies, you will find plenty of them to work for.

Once someone secures one of the available jobs in Cyprus, their employer is legally required to register them with the local social security office, where they will be issued a number. The next step is visiting the Aliens and Migration Office along with the employment contract and necessary documents. If everything is in order, then a yellow slip will be handed to that person, which is the residence/work permit. In case a person is not an EU citizen but married to one, then that person is granted the same rights of employment and residence as their spouse.


In case someone is considering self-employment instead of applying for one of the available jobs in Cyprus, then what that person needs to do is visit the Aliens and Migration office, where a list of documents will be handed to them to fill in, and produce at a scheduled appointment. Registering as self-employed is also required. This can be done at the local Social Security Office, where the person will obtain a Social Security number, and will be informed about contributions and penalties for delayed or non-payments.
You can find further, and in depth information about your Social Security obligations and benefits on the Cypriot Government’s official website.


Non EU citizens
But what happens when a person is not a citizen of the EU? Is there a way to find or apply for jobs in Cyprus? Well, it’s a long shot. Landing one of the available jobs in Cyprus without being an EU citizen will be a long and complicated procedure, without ensuring any permit in order for a non EU citizen to get one of the available jobs in Cyprus. That’s why it’s recommended that a person should first try to get the permit before actually coming and seeking one of the available jobs in Cyprus. Potential employers are the ones responsible for acquiring said permit for their employees. The work permit is also necessary in order to form a company.


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