Anybody who has spent time applying for jobs has at some point fallen victim to the ‘infinite loop of experience’. That moment when you realise that you have hit a brick wall, as you don’t have enough experience to compete for the positions you are looking at, but you can’t get enough relevant experience because nobody will hire you due to the lack of said experience. This situation has boggled the mind of many applicants, making them feel defeated, and considering throwing in the towel. So what can you do to escape this? Below are a few ideas that may help you wiggle your way out of this tough spot.


Maybe the most obvious option is to look for an internship within the field you are want to enter. Internships come in many flavours, both paid and unpaid, but the benefit is that, usually, internships require next to no starting experience. These opportunities are a great way to beef up your experience, can vary widely in length thus fitting into any schedule you may have, and are an opportunity to gain insight into the industry which you are looking to start a career in. Furthermore, certain internships can lead into full-fledged job offers, all you have to do is prove yourself in the role and you may be pleasantly surprised.


Another option to bridge the gap between you and the other more experienced applicants for those positions you covet is to pick up some freelance work in the sector. Freelance work is easier to attain than a full time position, by simply displaying your abilities, or offering a cheaper service (assuming you charge) than others, you can pick up some experience. If the client likes your work, and/or your manner of conduct, you may also end up with repeat business, further adding to your portfolio of experience.

Courses & Accreditations

The last thing that many people who have just finished degrees and are looking to get into the job market want to hear is ‘more studying’, and that’s a fair reaction. However, when you are struggling to get your foot in the door with regards to employment, looking into some short courses, or gaining some accreditations, in the field you seek employment in can be a good move. These can not only enhance your CV with further qualifications, but might also lead to some added experience as certain courses involve placement of some sort within the relevant industry.

These are but a few examples of options available to those job seekers stuck in the dreaded loop of experience. Rather than feeling defeated, adapt and look for alternate ways to approach the industry that you want to get into, it may benefit you greatly in the long run.

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