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4 Reasons Why Companies Should Consider Team-Building Exercises

Teamwork, communication, and overall cohesion are important aspects for any company looking to get the most out of its employees

/ August 8, 2016

How Companies Can Increase Productivity Through Teamwork, & Ditching the Traditional Hierarchical Mentality

Recently had the chance to chat with Mr. Xenophon Hasapis, Specialist Talent & Team-Building Coach, about how companies can increase their productivity exponentially through team-building activities. This article is...

/ July 11, 2016

3 Things Jobseekers Look for in an Employer

Conducting a job search is more of a dialog, where both jobseeker and company find out if there is a good fit. In honour of that dialog, here are 3...

/ April 19, 2016

Machines Hire Better Employees Than Humans

A new study has concluded that machines are more capable of hiring successful employees, with regards to low skill, service sector jobs such as data entry and call centre positions,...

/ November 18, 2015