The alarm goes off, you hit snooze, roll over, and pull the covers even tighter around you. Not because it’s cold or you’re still tired, but due to the sense of dread that you get every morning you wake up knowing you have to go to ‘that place’. Why? You hate your job, this isn’t at all what you had envisioned yourself doing at this stage in your life, and it’s a struggle fighting the urge to call in sick on a daily basis. We get it, we’ve all been there, but before you hand in your resignation, here are 6 reasons why not to quit a job you hate.

It pays well

There are a number of things you might hate about your job; the workplace, your colleagues, your boss, or even your day-to-day tasks, but if you are benefiting from a generous remuneration package you may want to think twice before throwing in the towel.

Yes, we subscribe to the old adage too, money isn’t everything, however, unfortunately, in today’s society it is an important part of daily life. Money can’t buy happiness is another of the old chestnuts, but the truth is that money is a means to achieve that end. With a decent salary you are able to pay your bills, pay off your loans, afford the luxuries in life that make you smile, and put away some savings for a rainy day. So, although you may despise your work situation, being able to put money away, and having the financial independence to do what you want outside the workplace, is a good enough reason to hang in there whilst weighing up your next move.

The future is bright

6 reasons not to quit a job you hate - there's a bright future

You may not be enjoying your job right now, but there might be hope for the future. By putting your head down, dealing with the issues you have with your workplace, and continuing to provide a high standard of work, you could be looking at a promotion in the near future.

This is something not to be taken lightly, with research showing that 60% of millennials consider growth opportunities the most attractive perk, if you are in a position to reap said reward, you may wish to reconsider quitting. No job is without its challenges, and if your current strife is leading to a future where you are happier in a more advanced role, it could be worth sticking it out.

You’re gaining experience & making connections

No matter how you feel about your job, you are gaining experience by working there, and you could also be making important connections for the future.

Whether, or not, you’ve already decided that your current company isn’t in your future, the experience you are gaining from working there will still be beneficial for you moving forward. If you decide to leave, having had a steady position, at a respected company, will look good on your CV, and be attractive to prospective employers. Furthermore, you never know if connections you are making with clients or colleagues may prove beneficial in future, if you do decide to leave, as they will have experienced the standard of work you are capable of, and may lead to new opportunities.

You’re learning new skills

6 reasons not to quit a job you hate - you're learning new skills

It may be difficult to shed a positive light on a job that you really hate, however, if you are in a position where you are learning new things that you may not have otherwise, this can only be of benefit to you.

Whether it’s a newfound understanding of social media marketing, or a newly discovered ability in Adobe Photoshop, learning new skills is never a bad thing. Besides rounding out your core skillset, picking up new skills shows a willingness to learn, and an adaptability that all employers identify as an important trait in potential candidates.

A new sense of self discovery

Working at a job you hate can help shed light on what you actually love, and want to do. Depending on what aspects of the job are giving you these negative feelings, whether it’s the day-to-day, or just the specific environment, you will gain insight into yourself.

You may discover through your current role that the career path you were on isn’t for you after all. Maybe through this position you came into contact with another vocation that you realised you would love to know more about, and would enjoy working in much more than what you are currently doing. You may never have gained these valuable insights if it wasn’t for this job you hate.

For fear of the unknown

6 reasons not to quit a job you hate - for fear of the unknown

You might hate your job, but at the same time, you may not know what you want to do moving forward. Coupled with the need for a steady income, and the inability to be out of work for too long, this fear of the unknown is a valid enough reason not to quit just yet.

It’s always better, having decided to move on from your current role, to play the field first. Put some feelers out, contact any connections you may have that could facilitate a move, apply for new roles, and in the best case scenario, receive an offer from a new company prior to handing in your resignation. The less time spent unemployed the better, both for your state of mind and financial wellbeing, as well as for your prospects of future employment in regards to explaining gaps on your CV.

Hating your job can be a horrible position to find yourself in, especially due to the significant amount of time people spend, on average, in the workplace. Quitting may seem like the only way out, and sometimes that may be true, but often it’s best to take a step back and assess the situation further, before making a decision you may later regret.

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