It can be tough to find a job you love, or even simply enjoy for that matter, so once you have managed to do so, the last thing you want to do is jeopardise it. To ensure that your career continues on an upwards trajectory, with steady growth that adequately rewards your work, try to avoid getting stuck in any of the following mentalities.

Over-thinking every decision before you make it

There’s nothing wrong with being cautious, and assessing a decision, and the possible results, before making it. However, when you start to overanalyse every single, little thing before coming to a conclusion to take action, you are going down a dark path. Over-thinking every career move before you make it could leave you standing still, as time waits for no one. You wouldn’t want to miss out on possible opportunities for career growth simply because you were being over cautious.

Having a single-minded approach to everything

4 ways of thinking that can kill your career - single-mindedness

Being focused, dedicated, and driven to pursue and realise an idea are all qualities that companies love to see in their employees. Air on the side of caution however, as you must be adaptable, and accepting of alternate approaches that might lead to a better outcome, or simply get you results faster. Falling into the habit of having a single-minded approach to any task could be self-destructive in regards to your career growth, as a lack of flexibility could see others progress at your expense.

Talking the talk but not walking the walk

Having self-confidence and talking about your abilities is all well and good, to an extent, but only if you are able to back up what you say with your actions. Prove that you are as good as you say by producing work of high quality that makes you deserving of career progression. If however, you aren’t able to do so, talking yourself up, and being over confident, could kill off your career pretty quickly.

Hoping for positive outcomes instead of taking action

4 ways of thinking that can kill your career - hoping but not acting

Hope is necessary, it keeps us motivated, inspired, and gives us a positive outlook for the future. But hope alone won’t be enough to make things happen for you career wise. If your plan is to sit idly by and hope that opportunities will find you, you’ll be waiting for a long time. To reach the heights you aspire to in your career you need to back up your hopes with action, otherwise you may find yourself falling short.

You put a lot of effort into landing a career you enjoy, don’t become your worst enemy by sabotaging your potential for growth by adopting these ways of thinking. If you do succeed in steering clear of these career killing mentalities, you could be well on your way to a fruitful professional life.

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