We get it. A job search is a daunting task, even more so if you are currently employed and have the option of staying put, rather than having to tip toe around whilst applying for a new position. As such it is understandable why you may look to make excuses for why a job search isn’t the right move, but let’s face it, you’re just trying to kid yourself, and these reasons don’t really stand up to scrutiny.

This isn’t the right time…

You work overtime on a daily basis, get home late, then have to hit the gym, grab a shower, cook, or spend time with loved ones. Maybe you have to do all of the above, the point being you definitely don’t have the time right now to start looking for a new job, maybe when things get less hectic. This may sound like a good reason to put off a necessary job search, but be honest with yourself, it’s just an excuse.

There will never be a moment where you actually want to spend time looking for a job. The prospect of doing so will never fill you with excitement, or make it onto your bucket list, but when deep down you know it’s time, you just have to get it done. Making time to conduct a thorough job hunt is all about prioritising, and time management, everyone is busy, what you have to do is figure out how to fit it into your schedule. You might have to sacrifice something for the time being, but hey, it’s better than being stuck in a job you hate, or being unemployed, right?

Things will get better eventually…

4 excuses to put off a job search - hope

There’s nothing wrong with giving a bad situation time to turn around, weather the storm, so to speak. Especially if you are in a role where you have been happy in the past, this may be just a phase, and in time things will get better and return to how they were.

However, if you find that it’s been months, or in extreme cases, nearly a year, and you are still miserable in your current role, things are highly unlikely to change. Yes the stress and anxiety linked to the idea of having to job search may feel like enough of a reason to sit back and hope things will get better, but hoping is unlikely to get you anywhere. You deserve to be happy in your professional life, and if that means having to start a new job search, then so be it!

The situation may be worse at a new job…

Better the evil you know than the evil you don’t, right? A pretty famous quote, and one that you may think justifies not looking for a new job, even though, deep down, you know it’s time. A new role is a completely unknown commodity, what if it’s worse than where I am right now? These are thoughts that you will use to convince yourself that things aren’t so bad, and staying put would be the best call.

Sure, there is always the possibility that making a move may land you in a worse situation than what you are in now, but there’s also the chance that things may improve drastically for you too. Be honest with yourself, a new role might be an unknown commodity, but your current job is known to you all too well and it’s making you miserable. The chance alone to make things better for yourself is reason enough to try.

Nobody is hiring right now…

4 excuses to put off a job search - no jobs

You’ve got your finger on the pulse of your chosen industry, you know what’s going on, you’ve been working in it for years, or used to before you became unemployed, and so can categorically say, without a shadow of a doubt, that there aren’t any opportunities going right now.

Really? Ok, maybe at certain times during the year, like Christmas, opportunities dry up a little, but with the sheer number of companies out there looking to hire skilled, hardworking individuals, if you spend enough time looking in the right places, you’re almost guaranteed to find something. Don’t use this as an excuse to put off the daunting prospect of a job search, it’s a process nobody enjoys, but even if you can’t find suitable roles at the moment, prepping your CV, Cover Letter, or Personal Brand are all good ways to spend your time.

These are but some of the many excuses you could use to justify putting off your job search. At the end of the day though, by doing so, you will only be hurting one person, and that’s you! So brace yourself, get motivated, and get started, you’ll be glad you did.

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