You might be the type of person that is always careful, wrapping up in cold weather, trying to keep your distance from other, potentially contagious, sick friends or colleagues, but no matter what you do, eventually some form of illness will find you. Now you also happen to be the type of person who refuses to be beaten, “I’m not going to let the sniffles keep me away from work”, or maybe you don’t want your bosses to think you are feigning sickness for extra time off, either way, you plan to go into work even though you are under the weather. Here are 3 reasons why you shouldn’t.

How much work will you actually get done?

You may plan on powering through whatever sickness it is that has its hold on you, and simply focusing on completing all the work you have to do, how hard could it be right? But let’s be honest, when you aren’t feeling 100%, how much work are you actually going to get done? And will the work you do manage to complete be up to your usual high standards? Whether it’s the repeated need to blow your nose, the constant urges to cough, the inability to breathe through your blocked sinuses, or simply the tired, beaten feeling of your body as it tries to fight this menace, your focus will never be 100%. Instead, take the time off you need, and although you may have more work to do when you get back, you can give it your undivided focus and attention.

Not taking the time you need is damaging to your recovery

take the rest you need

Your body is focused on fighting the foreign threat causing your sickness, and as such it needs time to rest, and replenish its energy. By continuing to go to work, instead of lying in bed, or on the sofa at home, and failing to provide your body with the adequate nutrition it needs because of your hectic work schedule, not only are you damaging the quality of work you output, but also your recovery time. If you don’t heed the signs to rest that your body is sending you, instead dividing your energy between recuperation and your daily routine, it will take longer for you to get better. Remember, the sooner you get well, the better you will be able to do at work, so surely it’s best to take the time you need?

Don’t worry, you are doing your company a favour

At the top of this article I mentioned the type of person who worries about taking sick leave because their bosses might think they are slacking. The reason you shouldn’t worry about this is because, in actual fact, you are doing your company a favour by taking time. If you are truly unwell, not only will the quality of your work be jeopardised, but you will also risk infecting your colleagues in the office. By staying home and getting well you are benefiting your company by not producing sub-standard work, and by ensuring no more employees end up on sick leave because of you. See? Taking the time off you need is a win-win!

There are many employees that worry about taking the sick leave they need, for one reason or another, and I’m sure we all know one such person. But when you are truly ill, taking the time your body needs to recover is beneficial not only for you, but for your colleagues, and your company on the whole.

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